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Research Outputs

I aim to make all my work freely available to the public. I keep a complete local archive of papers and talks (which may be WordPress-ified soon). Sometimes, double-blind refereeing means that papers are not listed until they have been accepted formally. My papers can also be found on arXiv, and I am gradually extending coverage and aiming to put the best versions there.

Research Interests

My PhD thesis was in abstract algebra (specifically noncommutative ring theory, more specifically structure of enveloping algebras of Lie superalgebras), but in 1999 I switched combinatorics (especially generating functions). My main achievements have been in the study of asymptotics of generating functions (the AMS project).

I see myself more as a theorizer than a problem-solver, although perhaps the picture is not as extreme as painted by Gian-Carlo Rota. I strongly believe in trying to find general, algorithmic, principled solutions to problems, and implementing them when possible. This of course leads to an interaction with various areas of computer science.

Since 2004 my interests have moved toward social science applications. I have worked in (computational) social choice theory, which has relations to multiagent systems in artificial intelligence, attended several COMSOC meetings and been involved in AI conferences. I am also interested in electoral engineering, the systematic design of electoral systems. In 2015-17 I have a grant with Arkadii Slinko to study multi-winner elections, which includes parliamentary electoral systems. I have started working on network questions, including diffusion and learning in social networks, citation networks, and network balance. I currently supervise 2 PhD students.

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