About me

I live in Auckland, New Zealand, where I work at the University of Auckland. I have degrees from the University of Canterbury and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My PhD genealogy for the last few generations is: Donald Passman, Richard Brauer, Issai Schur, Georg Frobenius, Karl Weierstrass, although Brauer apparently had two supervisors, so another line goes back to Hilbert, Klein, et al.

Here is my current academic CV.

At the University of Auckland, I am:

Externally, I am:

On this site you can find information about my research and teaching activities, in addition to my opinions and some extracurricular activities. Some other sites that may be useful:

Contact details

Mailing address: School of Computer Science, University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019 Auckland, New Zealand

Courier address: 38 Princes St, Auckland 1001

Email: “my 3 initials” AT “department”.”university”.ac.”country” (look at the URL)