Canadam 2015

Last week I made a flying visit to Canada for this annual meeting (it’s hard to imagine any other type given the distance, but it was particularly short – less than 72 hours in the country). I was invited by Steve Melczer, an impressive PhD student who seems to have read my coauthored book better than anyone alive, and with whom I hope to collaborate this year. Despite the arduous travel, it was a worthwhile experience and should lead to some nice joint publications.

I noticed that many of the buildings at the beautiful campus of the University of Saskatchewan are connected underground, giving a clue to the winter weather. Even though it was early June, the weather was not particularly warm. On my return via Calgary Airport, I noticed that it was 12 degrees and raining at 4pm (in summer, or close enough). The next morning in Auckland at 4am, it was 13 degrees and raining (in winter).

2 thoughts on “Canadam 2015

  1. I can attest to a similar parallelism. I’m currently in Iceland for a couple of weeks and the weather is eerily parallel to that in Dunedin (except for the extra 10 hours or so of daylight!)

  2. Another odd coincidence – the first person I met at breakfast on the first day was someone who went to high school with you.

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