A token post for August: illogical lyrics

Personal circumstances have made it hard to post for the last few months (I may post more details about the reasons later, but suffice it to say that this year has been very eventful). So as not to have a whole blank month, I will mention a song lyric that I find to be illogical. Perhaps we (meaning I and my handful of occasional readers) can build this to a more comprehensive list – I am sure there are more.

“You are to me like honey is to the bee”. (“The Door is Still Open to my Heart”, sung by Dean Martin). Although is is precious to them, bees are not especially attracted to honey, and it is made by them digesting nectar and then regurgitating it in some way. This doesn’t seem to convey the desired sentiment, not to mention using “like” instead of “as”, another of my pet linguistic dislikes).

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